20/12/19                 Christmas Celebration


25/10-8/12/19         Collection of Certificates of HKDSE 2019
1/11/19                   School Picnic
11/11/19                 Sports Day
19/11/19                 (Activity Day)
                             - S1-S3 and S5 Concerned Students Good Book
                              Recommendations by Fan Kin Mui
                             - S4 Career Mapping Workshop
                             - S5A and S6A Concerned Students Literary Landscapes
                             - S5(Students take Chinese History as Elective) Visit the Dr Sun                                 Yat-Sen Museum
                             - S6 Change-Making Dialogues
23/11/19                 Special Parents's Day & PTA Annual General Meeting
30/11/19                 School Information Day


25/10-8/12/19         Collection of Certificates of HKDSE 2019
24-29/10/19           S1-S5 Term Test
23/10/19                 Staff Development Day
16/10/19                 (Activity Day)
                                S3A-3C Social Issue Games
                                S3D Understanding the Traditional Chinese Culture
                                - Tea Cake Making Workshop
                                S4 (Students take Economics as elective)
                                Hong Kong Productivity Council Visit
                                S5 (Students take Biology as elective) Sik Sik Yuen
                                Biotechnology Mobile Laboratory(BML)
                                - Biochemistry Programme
                                S6 JUPUS Mock Interview Workshop